Safety & Security

We take security seriously.  Here are some things that we do to ensure a secure shopping experience:

  • We use SSL certificates to add encryption and extra security to our websites.
    • When in doubt, look for the lock symbol 🔒 which may or may not be green and say “Secure” in your browser’s URL (varies between browsers).
    • Pro tip:  You should do this for every website that you intend to buy from.
  • We use PayPal for all payments.  PayPal also handles credit cards, bank transfers, and other payment methods for the greatest flexibility.
  • Our reviews are collected and verified by third parties Trustpilot and Google.
  • Feel free to run our website through a virus scanner of your choice like VirusTotal.  We’re happy to have a clean report!
  • Please refer to our Nursejanx Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more info.

Buying Options

The majority of our products are free, ’cause we’re freaking awesome!  That being said, we do charge for the premium eBook, Your Guide to NCLEX Success – 2nd Edition.  You can buy the product here on the Nursejanx store, or through Amazon here:

What’s the difference?

  • We run promo codes here at the Nursejanx store, but will not through Amazon.
  • On average, the book is cheaper through us directly than through Amazon.
  • We can offer free updates, 100% money back guarantee refunds, and other perks when you buy through us, but not through Amazon.

100% Guarantee

For the 2nd Edition of “Your Guide to NCLEX Success”, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  If you do not pass your NCLEX on the first try, we will refund your purchase no questions asked.  We’ll just need confirmation of your test results, and that’s it.

Please note:  We use PayPal for all of our payments, and PayPal charges a small processing fee on all purchases.  Although we’ll initiate a refund in full, just be aware that PayPal will charge you a small processing fee on the refund (typically $0.30).

Free Updates

We update “Your Guide to NCLEX Success” (and all of our other products) over time to stay current.  If you purchase this program, you are entitled to any future book updates for free.  Simply contact us requesting an update and once we verify your purchase, we’ll send you the update.

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