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We take security seriously.  Here are some things that we do to ensure a secure shopping experience:

  • We use SSL certificates to add encryption and extra security to our websites.
    • When in doubt, look for the lock symbol ūüĒí¬†which may or may not be green and say “Secure” in your browser’s URL (varies between browsers).
    • Pro tip: ¬†You should do this for every website that you intend to buy from.
  • We use PayPal for all payments.¬† PayPal also handles credit cards, bank transfers, and other payment methods for the greatest flexibility.
  • Our reviews are collected and verified by third parties TrustPilot and Google.
  • Please refer to our¬†Nursejanx Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more info.

Buying Options

The majority of our products are free, ’cause we’re freaking awesome! ¬†That being said, we do charge for the premium eBook, Your Guide to NCLEX Success – 2nd Edition. ¬†You can buy the product here on the Nursejanx¬†store, or through Amazon here: ¬†

What’s the difference?

  • We run promo codes here at the Nursejanx store, but will not through Amazon.
  • On average, the book is cheaper through us directly than through Amazon.
  • We can offer free updates, 100% money back guarantee refunds, and other perks when you buy through us, but not through Amazon.

100% Guarantee

For the 2nd Edition of “Your Guide to NCLEX Success”, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. ¬†If you do not pass your NCLEX on the first try, we will refund your purchase no questions asked. ¬†We’ll just need confirmation of your test results, and that’s it.¬† Please note:¬† We will issue refunds in full via PayPal which may be associated with a small processing fee from PayPal.

Free Updates

We update “Your Guide to NCLEX Success” (and all of our other products) over time to stay current. ¬†If you purchase this program, you are entitled to any future book updates for free.¬† Simply contact¬†us requesting an update and once we verify your purchase, we’ll send you the update.

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